Cuta Copter
South Africa


What is The Challenge

An Irreverent Brand


What is The Solution

Careful branding with typeface


How is The Result

A website that conveys tech found fishing

— Branding & Website
Client : Cuta Copter SA

Cuta Copter South Africa

In 2004, business founder Gary McDonogh established Hobby Centre, a traditional radio control store. By 2010, quadcopter (drones) started becoming popular and after 30 years of flying and building RC aircraft, the business was building many types of drones.



In 2014, the decision was taken to start building an entry level fishing drone to compete against the traditional freshwater bait boat. This was called the African Quadcopter.


The Challenge

The Cuta Coper South Africa team are inventors that want to show that risking and perseverance pay off.

The Solution

The design is vibrant and modern, showcasing the history of Cuta Copter and how an idea from 2014 is still futuristic in current days.