Debbie Hawkins


What is The Challenge

A personal website, not a blog


What is The Solution​

A moedrn portfolio like website but for a writer


How is The Result

A website showcasing books not as products, but as art

— Branding & Website
Client : Debbie Hawkins

Debbie Hawkins

Deborah Louise was born in Canterbury, Kent in England and grew up in a working fishing town on the North Kent coastline. Debbie is the oldest of three and has a sister, Helen and a brother Jay. Debbie is married to her high school sweetheart, Roger and they have three amazing daughters together, Danielle (Dani), Yasmin (Yazz) and Philomena (Mena).


In 2017 Debbie found more free time as her family became older and more self sufficient. She turned to her Apple Mac to start putting ‘pen to paper’ on her thoughts and ideas for the creation of her first novel, soon to become available.


The Challenge

Debbie Hawkins was looking to have a website that feels personal, not a showcase of books as if they are products, but not a blog.

The Solution

We designed and built a website that is almost like a writer blog, but not quite, showcasing books almost like a store, but not quite. What we did achieve is a website that is a personal sharing hub from Debbie to her readers.