Dolibarr is an open source ERP and CRM that contains dozens of modules to support all aspects of your business. When you launch Dolibarr, you can configure it with as many or as few modules as required to support everything from supply chain and project management to accounting and human resources management.

CRM & Sales

prospects and customers

Track your prospects and customers, and reuse them in other modules.


Create and follow all your leads/commercial opportunities


Create and send professional-looking proposals to your prospects and customers instantly…

Sale Orders

Manage your customer or supplier orders.
Manage your order workflow and product stock according to your rules.

Contracts & Subscriptions

Manage customer/supplier contracts and subscriptions.
Generate recurring invoices of subscriptions automatically.

Help DEsk & Tickets

Manage a help desk / follow issues.

CMS, Website, E-Commerce, POS

CMS & WEbsite

A CMS module to build your Website in few minutes.


Sell online with your own E-commerce platform or use the embedded E-commerce CMS.

Point of Sale

Use TakePOS, the latest generation of Point Of Sale system, to record orders or payments in your shop, bar, or restaurant

Finance & Billing

Billing & Payments

Manage the invoices and payments of your customers and suppliers

Bank Reconciliation

Perform reconciliation to detect any missing or typing errors in payment records

Double Entry Accounting

Use all your data to automatically generate your ledger


Projects & Tasks

Projects and tasks are useful to track leads, opportunities and timesheets.
Track how much revenue your projects are bringing back to your company, and their profit or loss statistics.


Create intervention records.
Convert your interventions into invoices in order to bill your customers.


An embedded Agenda, like any common calendar, enhanced with features dedicated
to your ERP and CRM system (links to your customers, employees, projects, invoices, …)

Human Reationship Management (HR)

Employees & Users

Manage your users, user groups, and permissions

Expenses Reports

Let your employees record their expense reports. Approve and follow their payment.

Leave Requests

Allows your employees to make leave requests.
Once the leave request is approved, the system automatically decreases the leave balance.


Enter the time spent on user-friendly timesheets. See the impact on the project’s profit.


Define your job positions, publish them, track applications.


Manage the memberships of an association or a foundation.

Product & Stock

Products & Services

Manage your product and service catalog, and your prices and margins


Manage stock and warehouses (emplacement)
If you need to, you can add support for Lots or Serial numbers

Purchase & Provisioning

Manage your Purchase Order Workflows, Restock your Warehouses.


Use the shipping module to track your picking list, orders and quantity to ship or shipped


Bills Of Materials and Materials Resources Planning



Create and send mass e-mailing campaigns without any external tool

Survey & Polls

Ask your employees or partners their choice or opinion on any topic by running a poll/survey.
Give your contacts online access to your polls.

Integration & Development


Integrate your ERP with any other application using Dolibarr’s APIs, Triggers, and Hooks

Connectivity with External Tools

Connect your ERP and CRM application with most popular services

Import & Exports

Use the import or export wizard to help you to import or extract any data into or from your application

Module Builder for Developers

A complete low-code and no-code studio to help developers build a full application within few minutes.

You would like to have your very own Dolibarr Server?

Dolibarr is great but not necessarily easy to install, and that is where we can help. You won't have to worry about the Server Hardware Requirements, Operating Systems, Stacks or any of the other minor preparations, optimizations and configuration. We'll take care of everything and even customize Dolibarr to fit your brand image.