JasperReports Server is a stand-alone and embeddable reporting server. It provides reporting and analytics that can be embedded into a web or mobile application as well as operate as a central information hub for the enterprise by delivering mission critical information on a real-time or scheduled basis to the browser, mobile device, printer, or email inbox in a variety of file formats. JasperReports Server is optimized to share, secure, and centrally manage your Jaspersoft reports and analytic views.

An introduction to JasperReports Server and its key capabilities

JasperReports Server is a stand-alone and embeddable reporting server, enabling delivery of mission critical information on a real-time or scheduled basis to the web, to the printer, or to a variety of file formats. Build a report in iReport and then deploy it to JasperReports Server. The report can then be executed, exported to a desired output, or scheduled to execute at a later date.

For Developers

  • Embeddable architecture leveraging HTTP-based and Java webservices for custom operational applications
  • Simplify and improve report generation performance and delivery to users.
  • Secure, schedule, and automatically deliver interactive reports in a variety of output formats to thousands of users leveraging a calendar or cron based trigger
  • Flexible data agnostic architecture that supports reports based on relational, non-relational, and big data sources
  • Extensible architecture that provides framework for customizations for security and data source support
  • Role based access control to all objects in the repository
  • Reusable sub-reports that are stored and maintained in the repository

For IT and BI Professionals

  • Centrally managed reporting and analysis server
  • Schedule and automatically deliver interactive reports in a variety of output formats to thousands of users leveraging a calendar or cron based trigger
  • Integrate with existing identity management systems such as LDAP and CAS for single sign on to reports
  • Role based access control to all objects in the repository
  • Cloud ready BI platform
  • Pre-integrated OLAP Analysis capabilities such as single click drill through to detail and pivoting/swapping of axis.
  • Ability to make on the fly modifications to underlying data cube as part of Analysis capabilities.
  • Simple upgrade to web-based self-service features via a commercial product upgrade

JasperReports Server - Features

Extensive Datasource Support

  • The same database support seen in JasperReports Library, available from the Server.
    • JDBC and JNDI connections
    • Java Bean DataSources
    • File CSV data sources
    • Custom JRDataSources
    • Hibernate Connections
    • Mondrian OLAP Connections
    • XMLA Server Connections
    • Hadoop-Hive Connector
    • MongoDB Connector
    • Other Big Data/NoSQL Connectors
  • Powerful Semantic/Domain layer to simplify end user report development (Not in Community version)

Flexible, Modern, and Embeddable Server Architecture

  • Open Standards architecture based on the Spring Framework
  • REST and SOAP-based web services and HTTP APIs for simplified integration with Applications and workflows
  • Connectivity to existing identity managment and external authentication and authorization systems (LDAP, CAS, JAAS, etc.)
  • On-premise, virtualized, and Cloud (SaaS and PaaS) deployment options
  • Mobile application and multi-touch application capable
  • Extensible architecture, supporting extension points for custom data sources, security enhancements, and more
  • Skinnable UI with standards based CSS theme management
  • High performance data caching and storage architecture
  • Multi-tenant architecture (Not in Community version)

Centralized Reporting, Dashboards, and Data Analytics

  • Self-service access to reporting and analytics
  • Output to formats such as HTML, XLS, XLSX, PDF, CSV, DOCX, RTF, Flash, ODT, ODS, etc.
  • Central report scheduling and distribution based on calendar and cron style schedules
  • Report interactivity features including drill-down, filtering, formatting, animated charting, and more
  • Dynamic queries based on end-user controls and selections
  • Repository of reusable data sources, input controls, subreports, images, and other resources.

Secured Data Access and Auditing

  • User and Role based access to reports, dashboards, resources, and folders.
  • Column and Row level data security within the semantic/domain data layer (Not in Community version)
  • Access and Usage Auditing for compliance (Not in Community version)
  • Tenant or Organization management w/ Multi-tenancy (Not in Community version)

Ad Hoc Report and Dashboard Development

  • Web-based, drag-and-drop designer for bringing multiple reports together into a single dashboard. (Not in Community version)
  • Web-based, drag-and-drop report designer supporting interactive tables, charts, cross-tabs, and analytic views (Not in Community version)

OLAP Analysis

  • Analyze data across multiple attributes and time periods
  • Multi-dimensional Expression Language (MDX) support for complex analytic queries
  • Standard JPivot based analytic interface
  • Integrated Ad Hoc Analytic Interface supporting drill down, drill across, drill up, filtor, pivot, sort, and chart against OLAP and In-Memory data (Not in Community version)
  • OLAP driven ad hoc reports and dashboards (Not in Community version)

You would like to have your very own JasperReports Server?

JasperReports is great but not necessarily easy to install, and that is where we can help. You won't have to worry about the Server Hardware Requirements, Operating Systems, Stacks or any of the other minor preparations, optimizations and configuration. We'll take care of everything and even customize JasperReports to fit your brand image.