Georgina Y Baidoo Foundation


What is
The Challenge

Clean Shapes but Still Personal


What is
The Solution

Branding tweaks without going overvboard


How is
The Result

Increase of donations online.

— Branding & Website
Client : GYB Foundation

Fighting Cancer

The Georgina Y. Baidoo Foundation Inc. is a non-profit charity established by the family of the late Georgina Baidoo to fulfill her wish to help Ghanaian children stricken with cancer.

You Can Help

Support children in Ghana in their battle against cancer by making a positive impact to provide potentially lifesaving treatment. Visit the GYB Foundation website and donate online.

The Challenge

We wanted to build a modern-looking website with clean shapes but didn’t want to lose that human touch that slightly less perfect websites have.

The Solution

Our team has designed and developed a visually appealing website that perfectly captures the essence of GYB while providing a seamless platform for collecting donations online. The website boasts a modern look and feel, and has been optimized for a user-friendly experience. With our solution, supporters of GYB can easily and securely make their donations, helping the foundation to continue its great work.