Saude Com Aloe Vera


What is The Challenge

A Shop that conveys the company values


What is The Solution

Careful branding with typeface


How is The Result

A website that conveys that being nature friendly is beneficial.

— Branding & Website
Client : Saude Com Aloe Vera

Saude Com Aloe Vera

Aloe Saude Com Aloe Vera sells a variety of beauty and health products made with Aloe Vera.


Saude Com Aloe Vera Team is committed to its products being nature-friendly and cruelty-free. 

The Challenge

Saude Com Aloe Vera needed an e-commerce website that could still have a vibe of nature and plants despite being an online shop. 

The Solution

We opted for a modular design process that allowed us to build upon the right vibe, while the developers did a great job of building and implementing features without getting in the way of the design. Great teamwork.