Website is live, what now?

Your Web Platform was developed, what now?

Finally the design, development and testing phase is over, you have a Web Platform that truly can represent your project, does this mean that your work is done here?. The short answer is, no!.

How to ensure your website will successfully develop your online brand?

The custom design and development of a Website is crucial to the success of a website, and although a bad design alone can deem a website to failure, a website with a great design won’t have success if more work isn´t put into it.

The next immediate task after the development of your website is to invest into SEO (search engine optimization), this will improve your search engine ranking thus notoriety and the probability of people finding your website.

There is still la common believe that all it takes to gain notoriety online is having a website, unfortunately the truth is that most websites out there do not receive visits at all, this is due to the lack of maintenance that goes beyond the SEO. We will get to those soon.

The ongoing tasks of building a brand online

To those of you that like lists, here goes.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Updates
  • Social Network Profiles Management
  • Engagement with your visitors
  • Online Marketing Campaign

SEO was already mentioned, what about Website Updates? you might be thinking now, “my website was complete, i don’t need to update it”, wrong! you do need to update it, if you want to promote your brand you need to set yourself apart from the competition, there are several ways to go about it but no other will build up trust towards your brand that a company that looks like to be very active, and how do you that? you update you website, with your promotions, events, gatherings, industry news, articles with tips on how your customers can make the most of your services, everything and anything that relates to your company.

It is a time consuming task but the most important one.

There is allot of discussion about Social Networks Profiles, is it worth it the time you put in? well, fact of the matter is Facebook alone haves more than 1 Billion users, people love to “like” a product, a company and most importantly it´s considered odd when a company doesn’t have her own Social Networks Profiles. Again, showing that you are active is key here, having a social profile with no updates may even be worse than having no social profile at all and that is why large companies invest into having staff to handle Network Profiles alone.

Fortunately there are companies like Modulus Web Design that will provide you with Social Network Profiles management services for a monthly fee, this will keep your Online Branding costs controlled while taking advantages of what Social Networks like Facebook, Google+, twitter and others will bring to your company.

Online Marketing Campaigns, the most used forms of Online Marketing Campaign are Ads and email campaigns, most companies will let their website visitor to subscribe to their newsletter, some send out a newsletter very month, other just a few times a year and there is even those that will send out a newsletter every week. The frequency depends on the content you have to deliver and your target demographics

Newsletter are a great way to remind people that you exist, that you are active.